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Upon payment of your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with the event ticket voucher.

Please be advised that the deadline for cancellation of the purchase is 7 calendar days.

Return and Exchange Policy

We hope you participate in the course with us! But in case of any unforeseen event, we have a refund policy.

You just need to follow some little rules that are described below:

- Occurrences involving reimbursement of course admission should be informed in advance by email

- In the email must be informed the order number, your personal details, bank details and the reason for withdrawal. We do not accept refunds without proper notice.

- The repayment term is up to seven calendar days, counting the payday. No refunds will be made after this deadline! We will only accept refunds, with due notice in advance by

- When we receive the refund communication, our control will make an assessment of the request. Once it is found to comply with the above refund rules, payment will be made within 15 business days.


IMPORTANT: The refund will be made, discounting all fees and / or interest from the credit card company.

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