It is a great pleasure to invite you personally to attend the Rhinoplasty 2021  in Uberlandia, August 5th – 7th, 2021.  It is an event where the scientific content takes centre stage.  

In Rhinoplasty, I promise you, the learning is never complete, just as the final result of a rhinoplasty is never final. Every piece of information from experienced surgeons will have value to you. I think that is why these bits of experience are called tricks or pearls. For the rhinoplasty surgeon, they have a mental value as precious as a diamond. We will discuss new advances, treatment philosophy, difficult cases, and analysis of results from different techniques and develop new concepts. The audience is encouraged to participate, interact, ask questions, and add information. I can honestly say, I have not returned home from one of these meetings empty handed. 

The course program will have a balanced structure that will cover both for the beginners with basic techniques, as well as to the experienced surgeons with advanced techniques. Your patients, therefore, will benefit from the new knowledge acquired in Rhinoplasty 2021.

We will perform 4 live Rhinoplasties with simultaneous transmission. 

Perhaps, one of the most compelling reasons to attend the Rhinoplasty 2020 is because this is the right place for you to gain invaluable educational experience and knowledge. At the same time, to see old friends and meet new ones, as you discuss Rhinoplasty at a grass-roots level, bringing your difficult cases to ask for advice or get more details of a lecture you have just heard. 

Uberlandia is a city of 800,000 inhabitants located in the Southeast of Brazil. Together with the Uberlandia Medical Center Hospital (UMC) and OTOFACE – Otorhinolaringology & Facial Plastic Clinic, are waiting with arms wide open, hoping that this course will be an unforgettable experience in your lives.

See you in Uberlandia,

Jose A. Patrocinio


CNPJ: 24.764.446/0001-50

Rua Arthur Bernardes, 555 - 1º andar

Uberlândia - MG - Brazil

Phone: +55-34-3215-1143